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How to get Started with Rhode Island Red Large Fowl
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How to get started with Red Large Fowl
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Do You Have Large Rhode Island Reds For Sale?


By Robert Blosl



Below are the names of breeders who have my old strain of large fowl Rhode Island Reds. They have been doing very well with the strain and have maintained the gene pool as I did, Mr. E W Reese did and also the founder of the strain in 1912 Mrs. Donald Donaldson. If I where to get a start in the Mohawk line of Reds I would send them a 8x18x18 shipping box fro, Horizon shipping boxes and have them send me 6 to 10 ten started chicks between three and five weeks old. Have them shipped overnight. I would get two shipments from one of the three breeders and then pick the best make from one line and two females from another line. You could have two family’s and then line breed and or inbreed the best sons back to the mother and the best daughters back to the sire for three years. In no time you could find the old genes that I once had. I hope you do this as this is the oldest pure strain of large Fowl Reds in the county. They started at Owen Farms when Mrs. Donaldson got about six dozen eggs in 1911. Then she used the introduction of Mohawk V from Maurice Wallace in 1929. She also got many birds from Harold Tompkins of Concord Mass before he died in 1954. The secret to the Mohawk gene is in the female. You want a female that has super brick shape, super feather quality as a pullet and who can lay about 190 eggs in her pullet year. They must be fast feathering birds. The tail feathers at peak form will shoot out in the chicks at about 13 days of age. The males at this age will show the frame or extended keel that will give you the brick shape. Go to my web site and read my articles on type, lost genes and color and the whole receipt is there for you. I would go back to breeding them again, but I have an old strain of white rock large fowl and that is about the only large fowl at this time that I can take care of to protect them from wild dogs and varmints. If you get a start from one of these fine breeders I will personally help you build this line up to what I had back about six years ago. Robert Blosl

Brian Simmons

44017 Woodland Court

Callahan, Florida 32011


Andre St. Romain

14698 Chenal Road

Jarreau, Louisiana 70749



Greg Chamness

11439 Paulton Avenue. Pittsburg, Illinois




My web site:

The box for shipping


The cost for my large fowl started chicks will be $10 each plus shiping.



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