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This is a few of the pictures for last year of our Red Bantams that where shrunk down from lg fowl.
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Washing White Bantams

By Matt Lhamon

I have used Hartz Mountain White Dog Shampoo or Tide with Bleach Alternative with much success the last few years and thru the bluing away. Tide with Bleach Alternative has a whiting agent which really makes the birds stand out. 1st tub, I put a couple capfuls of Shampoo or Tide in the wash water along with 2 oz of Pyrethrum concentrate per 4 gallons of water to kill any external parasites. If the bird is real dirty I will put Shampoo or Tide right on the bird in the dirty area. Then I use a plastic bristle carpet brush to scrub the bird real good always working with the lay of the feathers. Once the bird has been scrubbed thoroughly, I clean the head and feet areas and rinse completely in clean water in the second tub. The Dog shampoo will turn the bird's feathers real blue so be sure to get it rinsed out well especially in the quill areas. In the third tub I use 1 cup of white vinegar to 4 gallons of water to cut any excess suds. The fourth tub is optional but I use about 6-8oz of Glycerin to 4 gallons of water to restore oil to the feathers. Towel dry and leave the bird dry in the sun or under heat lamp till completely dry. White birds should be washed about 3 days before the show, colored birds about 7 days. I only use a blow dryer on my Cochins and then only to fluff the bird up after it has dried naturally for awhile. Poor washing/drying job will do more harm than good to the bird, take your time and wash well getting all stains and dirt out, rinse well and get all the suds out and let the bird dry naturally so it can get its feathers back in place. Keep your show boxes full of fresh clean shavings as many a good white bird has been ruined in transport to the show. I have a few different methods for washing Reds/OE/Moderns as the hard feathered birds can be easily ruined by improper washing also.

For more information email me at and I will help you even more on this subject