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By Neil Grassbaugh (800-457-4104






First recognized as a breed in 1854 the Rhode Island Red chicken is easily one of the oldest distinct breeds of livestock created in America. The 150th anniversary of the breed’s foundation is commemorated in 2004.


Robert Blosl of Silverhill, Alabama the president of the Rhode Island Red Club of America, tells us that - "The breed standard for the Rhode Island Red was first agreed upon in 1898 when the club was formed. By that time the breed had nearly fifty years of history in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area. That makes this unique fowl one of America's oldest recognized breeds" Nearly all American breeds of livestock that predate the Rhode Island Red have passed into extinction.


The Rhode Island Red breed is the foundation of nearly all of the commercial brown egg laying chickens in the world today. It has successfully passed on its productivity and hardiness for generations. Also important is a genetic characteristic that, when combined with other specific traits, produces chicks that are sex-linked. Sex-Linked means that males and females can be differentiated at birth by down color which is an important economic characteristic.


Events celebrating the anniversary year include the National Meet of the Rhode Island Red Club to be held October 16th, 2004 at the Little Rhody Poultry Fanciers Show in Richmond, RI. Plans are to have the A.O. Schilling oil painting of the state bird of Rhode Island, which usually hangs in the state capitol building, on display.  Pilgrimages by breed enthusiasts to the Rhode Island Red Monument, erected in 1925, in Adamsville, RI are also planned.  Show promoter Don Nelson of Wyoming, RI says, "It is only fitting that Reds come back to their ancestral home for this special event."  Reds- as they are known among the purebred breeders, are also a very popular breed in Europe and Australia.


The OHIO NATIONAL Poultry Show held in Columbus, Ohio on November 13 & 14 will be the site of the special Rhode Island Red Sesquicentennial Show.  "The OHIO NATIONAL is annually the largest poultry show in America and Reds are always a big part of our exhibit. They are a very popular breed" according to Eric Markley, show secretary.  "We are expecting another great turn out and the best the breeders can produce will be on display."


"Rhode Island Reds are easily the best known breed of poultry the world over" according to John Klimes, Secretary of the breed club. "The purebred Reds are no longer as populous as they once were but the breed lives large in the folklore and nostalgia of America. Ask anyone to name a kind of chicken and the most common answer will be- Rhode Island Red!" In the 1920's there were thousands of members of the Red Club and a monthly magazine, The Rhode Island Red Journal, had over 50,000 subscribers.


For more information about the Rhode Island Red visit the club website -   



Further Information available-


Don Nelson- Show Manager, Little Rhody Poultry Show,

Robert Blosl- President, Rhode Island Red Club of America,

John Klimes- Secretary, Rhode Island Red Club of America,

Eric Markley- Secretary, Ohio Poultry Breeders Association,



Rhode Island Red Monument site


 (The image in the attached file is of an excellent Rhode Island Red male. The owner of the image, Neil Grassbaugh, gives blanket permission for the use of the image in association with this press release. It is not copyrighted.)

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