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Why People Fail With Rhode Island Reds in America
How to get Started with Rhode Island Red Large Fowl
History of the Moahwk Rhode Island Reds
How to line breed White Plymouth Rocks
How to Wash White Plymouth Rock Bantams
How to Breed Coloubian Color Patern
Silver Penciled Rock Large Fowl History
Getting Started with Columbian Plymouth Rock Large Fowl a Beginners Guide
Rotational Line Breeding White Plymouth Rocks
Reinventing Rhode Island Red Type
Defective Top Lines in the SCCL Classes
This is a few of the pictures for last year of our Red Bantams that where shrunk down from lg fowl.
Below is our web address for our Grey Call Ducks.
Breeding Rhode Island Reds by the Standard of Perfection
In Breeding Rhode Island Red Bantams
Breeding Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams
The Secrets in the Dam
Breeding Columbian Plymouth Rock Color Pattern
The Secrets to Breeding R I Red Bantams
The Secrets of Breeding R I Red Bantams
Shows for Plymonth Rock Club Data Base
How To Get Started With Barred Rock Large Fowl
Silver White Gene in Large Fowl White Rocks
Silver White Gene in White Plymonth Rock Large Fowl
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Short Cut to Success
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Delmarva Poultry Fanciers                  Susquehanna Poultry Club

Harrington, DE                                    Belair, Md

State Meet                                        Special Meet

March 7& 8 2009                               March 22 2009


York County Poultry Fanciers             Uniontown Poultry & Farm Products Assoc.

York County 4H Center                       Fayette County Fairgrounds

York, PA                                           Uniontown, PA 

April 18th                                           April 19th                                                                                  

State Meet                                        Special Meet



Buffalo & Western New York                Sussex County Poultry Fanciers

APA Semi Annual Poultry Show           Sussex County Fairgrounds

Erie County Fairgrounds                      Augusta, NJ

Hamburg, NY                                       May 16th

May 16th -17th                                   Special Meet

State Meets



Show Name



Date & Meet  2009

Date & Meet  2010






Tuscaloosa, Ala

Robert Tyler,

705-339-0888 –







Clanton, Ala



Brent Davenport


Oct  09





Boaz, Ala





























South Central Regional Classic, El Dorado, Ar


Billy Attwod, 1557 Grant 73, Sheridan, Ar. 72150

PH: 870-942-7361


April 4, 09 District 3 –‘09


Fayetteville, Ark.


Ann Charles, Mena, Ark.


Nov  7, 09 Special


Double show.



























Anderson All

Breed Btm Club

Anthony Ashley, 2021 Hamby Rd.,

Honea Path, SC 29654 (show in Clemson, SC) 864-369-0909


Nov 21 2009



Nov 2010





East Caro. Btm Breeders Ass’n

(In Camden, SC)

Kevin Old, 1115 Pine Tree Dr.

Cassatt, SC 29032 -803-243-3840


May 2, ‘09







Sandlaper Poul Breeder Club


Brian Paul Witt or Mark Beasley (803-259-3752)































Southern Hospitality Greensboro, NC




April  09



April ‘10

UNIFOUR all breed,

Salisbury, NC

Neil Mahaffey (336-769-4392)

1381 Old Thomasville Rd.

Winston-Salem, NC 27107



Mar 7, 09


Mar  2010

















Pelican State Classic, Haynesville, La

Jim Crain, 1520 Fincher Creek, Minden, La. 71055

PH: 318-927-7295


Mar 14, 09






East Ascension FFA, Baton Rouge, La.

Shannon Lejeune, 4232 Hwy 621, Gonzales, La. 70737

PH: 225-647-0610


 Feb  09




















Lake City, Fla

Danny& Norma Padgett  (386-496-2561)

15390 W. St. Rd. 238

Butler, Fla.32054 


Jan 10, ‘09 State





























Dalton, GA

Jeff Wilson, 654 Barney Pierce Rd., Chatsworth, Ga 30705

Ph 706-695-7092


Mar 14, 09





Chattahoochee Valley Poultry,

Newnan, GA


Beth Smith (770-251-6510)

81 Main St.

Moreland, Ga 30259


Feb 21, 09





Hart Co. Btm Club,

Hartwell, GA.

Keith Sokol, 795 Ridge Rd, Hartwell, Ga  30643

Ph 706-376-3211


Dec 12, 09



Dec  2010 



Fancy Fowl Club

Monroe, Ga.

Brian Blair, 3834 Grady Smith Rd., Loganville, Ga. 30052


Feb 14, 09





NW Georgia

Calhoun, Ga.

Bob Bridges, (706-602-1358)

669 Reeves Station Rd.

Calhoun, Ga. 30701


Feb 6,7 2009






NE GA Poul Fancier’s Assoc

Janet Collins

1023 Westbrook Rd

Commerce, Ga. 30530


Jan 19, 09


















Tenn Valley Fair


Eddie “Cotton” Dunlap, PO Box 6066,

Knoxville, TN 37914 



Sept  ‘09





Spring Show, Newport, Tn --

Something to crow about show

Angie Sutton, 121 Tudor Mtn. Rd., Gattlinburg, Tenn. 37738

Ph: 867-4363607


May  2, 09





Cedar City Club,

Lebanon, Tn

Joanne Ashworth, 6436 Brandy Lane, Lebanon, TN. 37090

PH: 615-444-8707 -


April  11, 09

400 birds

April  10,’10





Upper Cumberlin Fancy Feather’s

Cookeville, Tn

Daryl Strunk – 931-879-2765

David Rose – 931-788-6676 or


April   , 09  






PRFC District 5 Meets 2009 Plymonth Rock shows from Janice Hall This is what I am trying to put together for this year’s district Directors and the future District Directors two years from Now. Secetary.

Some of the fall dates are tentative. 


1-24-09                 Southwest Expo, Fort Worth, TX                                                                                               State meet

3-7-09                   NE OK Poultry Club   Pryor, OK                                                                                   Special

3-21-09                 Heartland Classic, Cape Girardeau, MO                                                                  Special

3-28-09                 SE OK Poultry Club Idabel, OK     Double Show                                                     Special

4-11-09                 Heart of America, Hutchinson, KS    Double Show                              1 State, 1 Special

4-18-09                 Missouri State Poultry Assoc., Sedalia, MO                                           1 State, 1 Special

9-26-09                 Red River Bantam Club, Decatur, TX                                                                        Special

10-3-09                 Tulsa State Fair, Tulsa, OK                                                                                             Special

10-10-09               Newcastle Poultry Association,  Newcastle, OK                                                  State

10-  -09                 Texas State Fair, Dallas, TX                                                                                           Special

10-17-09               COPA, Tonkawa, OK                                                                                                       Special

10-24-09               Abilene Poultry Association, Abilene, TX                                                                               Special

10-  -09                 Rock Mountain Feather Fanciers  Double Show                                  1 State, 1 Special

11-7-09                 Four Corners Poultry Association,   NM                                                                  State

11-7-09                 Nebraska State Poultry Show, Lincoln, NE                                                             State

11-7-09                 Kansas Classic, Hutchinson, KS                                                                                   Special

12-12-09               Oklahoma State Poultry Show, Shawnee, OK                                                      District


PRFC District 5 Meets 2009

Some of the fall dates are tentative. 

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