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Why People Fail With Rhode Island Reds in America
How to get Started with Rhode Island Red Large Fowl
History of the Moahwk Rhode Island Reds
How to line breed White Plymouth Rocks
How to Wash White Plymouth Rock Bantams
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Reinventing Rhode Island Red Type
Defective Top Lines in the SCCL Classes
This is a few of the pictures for last year of our Red Bantams that where shrunk down from lg fowl.
Below is our web address for our Grey Call Ducks.
Breeding Rhode Island Reds by the Standard of Perfection
In Breeding Rhode Island Red Bantams
Breeding Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams
The Secrets in the Dam
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The Secrets to Breeding R I Red Bantams
The Secrets of Breeding R I Red Bantams
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Silver White Gene in Large Fowl White Rocks
Silver White Gene in White Plymonth Rock Large Fowl
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Cornell Univ. Collection
You can borrow on Libary Loan
Short Cut to Success
Short Cut to Success
White Plymonth Rock Large Fowl How to Get Started in Them
Line Breeding White Plymonth Rock Large Fowl
Barred Plymonth Rocks
How to get started with Red Large Fowl
Recomended Product for Rhode Island Reds and White Rocks
Go to your Library and ask for their help
White Rock Chicks and Eggs For Sale
Rhode Island Red Large Fowl
Line Breeding R I Reds
Questions Asked
Jr R I Red Club Program
Breeding R I Reds to Win
Beginners Guide to Color
Getting Reds ready for the show
Egg Color
Becoming a Breeder
Line Breeding R I Reds
R I Red Color Part 3
Shipping Hatching Eggs
Lost Secrets
Rhode Island Red Color Part 2
History of the Rhode Island Red CLub
History of the Rhode Island Red Bantam
History of the Rose Comb R I Reds
Homesteading R I Red Bantams
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Getting Started with R I Red Bantams Part 1
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Favorite Links
Rough Draft
Getting Started with R I Red Bantams Part 1

Standard R I Reds

Hatching Eggs and Started Chicks For Sale in Rhode Island Reds, White Plymouth Rocks, Buff Brahma Bantams and White Leghorn Bantams. Email me at for your needs.

Welcome to our web site:
Blosls Poutlry Farm is Promoting Rhode Island Reds Large Fowl and  Bantams ,White Plymonth Rocks in large fowl and  Bantams . We also are breeders of  Buff Brahma Bantams, White Leghorn Bantams .
 We support the clubs that sponser these breeds and wish to share our knowldege in articles that have been written in the past few years towards success with these breeds.
We will share hatching eggs and two week old started chicks to those interested in the breeds.

We hope you will enjoy this site and the articles that we are providing also go to our web site at site to view our birds and buildings.   
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Eggs and Chicks For Sale in 2013
Adults $15. and Jr. $5. per year
Contact us for Eggs and Started Chicks shiped to your home. We have shiped chicks and eggs for over 25 years with great results and this year we have a new method of shipping hatching eggs and there will be a article on how we do it published soon on our site. Chicks are shipped out over night express to your home in about  24 hours.
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Foundation Pair of Red Bantams

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