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History of Rhode Island Red Club of America

The Rhode Island Red Club of America was founded on a cold blizzard of a day in a Coffee Tavern in Fall River, Mass. It was in December l898 that a group of interested breeders of this your new breed sat down to draft out this new organization. Some of these new promoters were Dr. Aldrich, Lester Tompkins, I.W. Bean, Dan Shove who became the first Club President, and Col. Bryant.

Over the l00 year history this special breed club reached upwards to 5000 club members during the l920’s under then club Secretary Wid Card. The circulation of the Rhode Island Red Journal published in Waverly, Iowa, reached 50,000 copies each month. The Red Club had one National Meet in the l920’s in Columbia, South Carolina that had over 750 Large Fowl entered. For the past 30 years the Red Club has been under careful leadership of Emmett Rachels as our club Secretary. The quarterly news letter " The Rhode Island Red Chronicle" has been providing members with interesting articles, show reports and general information pertaining to its membership. In Jan. of 2001, Mr. Emmett Rachel’s retired as club Secretary and Mr. Matthew A. Lhamon was appointed to fill his position. On Jan. 1st, 2004 Mr. John Klimes was appointed Secretary of the Club to replace Mr.Lhamon.

The Red Club sponsors a State, District and National Meet providing awards for Best and Reserve Best of Breed for both Large Fowl and Bantams.

There has been new life injected in the Rhode Island Red Club this past year with fresh new articles on breeding, breed type, color and on bantams. These articles are available on the Rhode Island Red Club web site for your reading. This demonstrates a commitment from the membership that will be even more noticeable in years to come. The Rhode Island Red Club places strong emphases on the promotion of junior members as we have learned from our for fathers that is the greatest asset of the breed club is our youth and they are the future promoters of the club as care takers of the breed.

The Rhode Island Red Club of America invites you to be an active member. We promise to provide you with a year of enthusiasm, unity and continuous education on breeding, raising, conditioning and showing Rhode Island Reds.

Even, if you do not raise Rhode Island Reds you will find your dues as a worthwhile investment with your favorite breed as we will share with you what we have been taught and have learned. This will be a win-win relationship for you and the Rhode Island Red Club.

Your dues can be sent to Mr. Klimes. Junior’s dues are $5.00 and Adult’s are $l5.00 per year.

We would be honored to have you as one of our club members.

Fraternally yours for a better Rhode Island Red Club of America.

Robert Blosl, Club President




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