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Junior Rhode Island Red Club Program


Robert Blosl

Silverhill, AL


This past Thanksgiving, I spent time putting together the outline for the new Rhode Island Red Club Junior Program.  I’ve based this new program on my experiences as a junior in the 1960’s when I lived in Centralia, Washington. At that time, I only had the Rhode Island Red Club Chronicle, the Poultry Press, and the advice of Judge Vern Sorenson who himself was a junior member of the Red Club in the 1930’s. At that time, Vern could only tell me about the Golden Years of RI Reds and the articles that he had read as a junior that were in the RI Red Journals. How I wished I could borrow those classic articles that the master breeders of that time had written. How as a junior, these articles could have helped me learn a better way the breed, raise and show my Reds. Now, some 30 years later, I own all the RI Red Journals from 1912 to 1944. The only issues I do not have in my possession is the RI Red Folders between 1944 and 1947. This year, it is my intention to make what I consider classic articles available to our junior and adult members. We will only charge 20 cents per page to cover our cost and postage. Any remaining monies will help fund our junior program. A list of approximately 50 articles will be available and can be mailed to you if you will contact me. As soon as space is available in the Chronicle, the list will be published there. Another possible project I have is a video tape featuring 4-5 different Red breeders who have proven themselves to be outstanding breeders and exhibitors. Then these tapes could be made available to our beginners as a learning tool. In this video, we will try to highlight breeding pens, show condition pens, bantam pens, chick rearing areas, incubator rooms and other important items to help our beginners start raising RI Reds correctly. This tape should be available in the next 2 or 3 months at a small cost of $18.00 including shipping. If this tape is successful, we can have some different tapes available including a tape from European and Australian Red Breeders. The next area of priority for our juniors is an award system where champion type rosettes would be presented to the junior winners of Best of Breed Red Bantam and Best of Breed Large Fowl at our State, District, and National meets. giving me your approval for this Junior Program. Also, I want to thank the two RI Red Club members who pledged money to get the rosettes, video tapes and photocopies ready for shipment in the months to come. May this Junior program springboard our RI Red Club into growth, harmony and success in the 21st Century.

Notice: This is a old article written about three years ago but it was the foundation for our Junior Program for the Red Club. We have two video tapes about two hours long titled R I Red Tour 2000 and 2001. We hope to have another two hour video this January. It will be of three breeders homes and the 2002 National meet at Columbus Ohio Show.  Also, we have three volumes of Classic articles from old Rhode Island Red Club Journals and Chronicles as well as a few Red Hen Tails articles. Each volume is about 100 pages and if you had to purchase these articles by buying the originals it would have cost you about $1,000. You cost is only $20. per volume and postage is included. A buy for anyone who wants to know the secrets of not only Rhode Island Reds but all breeds could be applied. The videos are also $20. and include postage to your home. All profits go to our junior Rhode Island Red program. Email me for more information and where to send your money.  and I will get you in touch with our education chairman Mike Hawkins.


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