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Favorite Links
Why People Fail With Rhode Island Reds in America
How to get Started with Rhode Island Red Large Fowl
History of the Moahwk Rhode Island Reds
How to line breed White Plymouth Rocks
How to Wash White Plymouth Rock Bantams
How to Breed Coloubian Color Patern
Silver Penciled Rock Large Fowl History
Getting Started with Columbian Plymouth Rock Large Fowl a Beginners Guide
Rotational Line Breeding White Plymouth Rocks
Reinventing Rhode Island Red Type
Defective Top Lines in the SCCL Classes
This is a few of the pictures for last year of our Red Bantams that where shrunk down from lg fowl.
Below is our web address for our Grey Call Ducks.
Breeding Rhode Island Reds by the Standard of Perfection
In Breeding Rhode Island Red Bantams
Breeding Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams
The Secrets in the Dam
Breeding Columbian Plymouth Rock Color Pattern
The Secrets to Breeding R I Red Bantams
The Secrets of Breeding R I Red Bantams
Shows for Plymonth Rock Club Data Base
How To Get Started With Barred Rock Large Fowl
Silver White Gene in Large Fowl White Rocks
Silver White Gene in White Plymonth Rock Large Fowl
First Newsletter Plymonth Rock Club 2008
Cornell Univ. Collection
You can borrow on Libary Loan
Short Cut to Success
Short Cut to Success
White Plymonth Rock Large Fowl How to Get Started in Them
Line Breeding White Plymonth Rock Large Fowl
Barred Plymonth Rocks
How to get started with Red Large Fowl
Recomended Product for Rhode Island Reds and White Rocks
Go to your Library and ask for their help
White Rock Chicks and Eggs For Sale
Rhode Island Red Large Fowl
Line Breeding R I Reds
Questions Asked
Jr R I Red Club Program
Breeding R I Reds to Win
Beginners Guide to Color
Getting Reds ready for the show
Egg Color
Becoming a Breeder
Line Breeding R I Reds
R I Red Color Part 3
Shipping Hatching Eggs
Lost Secrets
Rhode Island Red Color Part 2
History of the Rhode Island Red CLub
History of the Rhode Island Red Bantam
History of the Rose Comb R I Reds
Homesteading R I Red Bantams
Gettting Started with r i red bantams part 2
Getting Started with R I Red Bantams Part 1
BreeBreeding R I Red Bantams Part 3
Favorite Links
Rough Draft
Getting Started with R I Red Bantams Part 1

These Links will help you with your hobby and also to purcase good stock from breeders who I have purchased waterfowl and stock from. 

Heres a starting point for you to enter the Wide World of Poultry sites on the WWW. Enjoy!

Small chicken House Plans

Many people have written me on floor plans to build a chicken house for their small flocks. Some are not raising show quality birds but chickens that they purchased from feed stores or mail order catalogs. We still care about their needs, so we have included this site for you.

redsqrlg.gif (13614 bytes)

This is the original site for Rhode island Reds that is on the super fantastic web site CHICKEN COOP.Tim Jurgens from Washington State got it started a few years ago and has maintained it nicely. You will love it as there are some great articles on it as well as pictures of R I Reds from other breeders. This is on my top ten list and e-mail Tim and tell him how much you like his site. 5 Stars

netvet.gif (2637 bytes)

This outstanding site has lots of links to poultry and general information. Well put together and you will get much enjoyment from viewing it.

Breeds of North America

This is simple a fantastic web site for poultry. You will find hours of enjoyment and information on this site. We are proud to have been listed on this site as a favorite link.

Chickens and Other Barnyard Birds

Outstanding web site for poultry lovers. We where happy to be chosen as the top five poultry web sites on the Internet by the webmaster. This is indeed an honor for as and we where also rated five stars. Lots of links to other great sites. A well-done and easy to follow web site on Poultry. One of the BEST Sites on the Net. Tell them how much you enjoy their site.

English Poultry Houses and Plans  

This has been a new site that I have located and will help the folks wanting to build poultry houses for their chickens. For you who have written me wanting floor plans for poultry coop here is the granddaddy of them all. I have made one coop for myself and they are very nice and easy to move around to fresh soil.

eggghead Poultry Party Information 

Country Small Holding:

Outstanding site from England.

One of the most popular links on other poultry websites in the world. You will enjoy this site and have bulletin boards and chat rooms.

apa.gif (12521 bytes)

The Oldest Livestock Organization in North America and organization that all poultry fanciers should be a member of. R I Red Club is proud to be one of three breed clubs listed as a Favorite link on this great site.

VictorDancingColor.gif (7372 bytes):

Barry Kofflers Feathersite is a large and complete Poultry site. If there is any one who has reviewed the data on the web and listed it on his site it is worthy for you to read. Children friendly, if there would be a perfect site for General Poultry this is it. My top ten list. We are happy to be listed under R for Rhode Island Reds and have the Red Club listed as well. Over 100,000 hits per year average.

thecoop.jpg (8823 bytes):

Loren Hadleys diverse and informative site for Poultry. Many breed clubs have their page on this site. Lots of links and home of the 1st Web page for R I Reds, our own Tim Jurgens Red Square. We are happy to be on this site as a Link as well. You will love it. One of my Top 10 picks

ring.jpg (8569 bytes)

A ring of poultry sites already for your viewing. We are so proud to have been chosen as a NEW CHARTER MEMBER. What an endorsement.

The Poultry Connection:

Tim Jones has a very user friendly site that covers everything in the wonderful world of poultry. On this site you can vote for your favorite site on a scale from1 to 10. Vote for us the next time you are on.

MGBigPic2.jpg (62423 bytes)

Our first link where our site is on a Poultry site in Europe. Allens fine site is devoted to Modern Game Bantams which he is Club Secretary in England. A nice site and a wonderful fancier. TOPS.

Nat George's Pet Ornamental Bantam Page:

One of the best-laid out Poultry sites on the WWW He has links to every where and you just have to visit this site. Nat is from my HOME TOWN of Centralia, Washington. We are so proud of his work for the world of Bantams and Poultry in General. One of my top ten sites on the web.

1998.gif (44355 bytes)

On my site I talked about Incubators and supplies for you to use in your Poultry Program. Well this site has the most gorgeous pictures you could ask for. You can order your Poultry supplies from them and they are HONEST people. We have just been placed on their Poultry Link page, which we are honored and grateful. Top Ten sites.

ffgo.gif (19823 bytes)

Gardening with guineas that contains all the information in the world on raising Guineas and Keets. With lots of photographs. Our fist award was by Frits Farm and it is the most Beautiful award on the Net. Lots of pictures voted one of the Top 3 Poultry Sites on the web last year. Top 10 site.

Small Scale Poultry Housing

Wadds Creek Poultry Links:

They raise guineas and various chickens in North Carolina. Excellent article for you to read. You will like it.

Diane Jackys Art Gallery:
HalfJaky.gif (1627 bytes)  

Diane does illustration of Poultry, which are in the APA standard of Perfection and many Poultry Hatcheries Posters. She is the greatest Poultry Artist to come along since Arthur Schilling. You will love this site that has great links for you to look at. Hopefully one day this site will be one of her favorite links.

Poultry Internet Resources:

A long list of great poultry links that will bring you hours of enjoyment. We hope we will get on this site as well as the R I Red Club of America. A great site.

homesteadlinkslogo-2.gif (11717 bytes)

A great site for people interested in Homesteading. We are to a degree homesteading. We raise or Reds on free range and organically as they did in the old days. You will find this site loaded with great articles that can help you.

The Chook Shed:

What a poultry site from Australia. Great links super photographs from Watts Publishing Co. Just one of my Top 10 Picks that you will enjoy.

Wyandotte Bantams-Large Fowl:

A new web site by our friends who breed and raise Wyandotte Fowl. Please support their cause if you are raising Wyandottes and we hope other breed clubs will start a web site to promote their favorite breed.

RIR Message Board 

Farms Around the World:

A nice site where so many farms are listed by state and country. We are linked on this great site and you will enjoy visiting other farms around the world and you could spend hours on this one.

poutryplace.gif (13819 bytes)

Lots of links one of the best Poultry sites on the Web. Top 10 list.

pbcpfa2.gif (8537 bytes)

Vote for this site on the Poultryconnection

(rating:9.5,votes:2 RATE IT)

A site dedicated to Rhode Island Red Exhibition Poultry. This site has information regarding care, cultivation and breeding of Rhode Island Reds. Including history of the breed and photos.


I thank you for voting and making this one of the most popular New Sites on the subject of Poultry on the Web.

What a super site for Poultry. One of the prettiest logos you will ever see. I have seen their site linked on all the major site all over the world. I hope someday they will have our site on as a favorite link. Tops in my book and I am sure you will learn a lot from this great one to. Great pictures and Links.

belthatchery.gif (8315 bytes)

A west coasts hatchery that also sells Poultry Posters by Dianne Jacky. Very informative site. Please check them out. First class all the way.

purina.jpg (5697 bytes)

Should bring you some great information that will help you in your search for knowledge on nutrition for your birds. I use their feeds and find it to be outstanding.

Gamebird and Poultry sites:

A great site with a long list of suppliers. You will find links to all the top web sites on the net. We hope someday that this site might make the list of other great poultry sites on their links page. You will spend a long time on this site and will help you find links to other sites on the subject of Gamebirds.

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